My Story

Hi, my name is Ellie and I am a fully qualified yoga teacher and certified Yogabellies teacher specialising in prenatal, postnatal and women’s yoga. I trained and worked with Yogabellies in the UK and now teach yoga in the sunshine in Dubai. When I moved back to Dubai after several years in the Southside of Glasgow building the Yogabellies name there I built a small team of Yogabellies teachers who will now be guiding you on the mat. And I am here to guide you online with the birth preparation side.

With that said I am also a birth educator and a trained Hypnobirthing teacher with KGH, The Home of Hypnobirthing. I now teach Hypnoyoga and birth preparation courses for the modern mum-to-be. I teach them world wide so you too can join in. I also teach a new form of Hypnobirthing designed for the modern parents to be. Think yoga, movement breathing and more!

I also am a children’s yoga teacher, a baby massage teacher and a Mum to a little yogi boy! 

I started out my journey as a flight attendant after travelling and simply fell in love with the world, and this is where I discovered my passion of yoga  Sydney to be precise! I had dabbled in yoga at the gym but after going to my first ‘real’ class I knew instantly I would be back. I bought a mat which I still have to this day and carried it in my suitcase everywhere discovering different types and styles yoga around the world. I travelled like crazy until I became pregnant with my little boy and settled down in Scotland.

Becoming pregnant and having a baby was a totally new and surreal thing for me. I wish I could say I Hypnobirthed my little boy into the world but unfortunately back then I knew nothing at all about pregnancy and even less about birth and babies. I just thought I would ‘wing it’. My winging it took my labour down a medicalised route (something I hadn’t planned for as I thought I would be all au-natural) and even though it was quick, it wasn’t the experience I thought it would be. I thought after, ‘Was the medicalised route even necessary?’ and ‘Could I have changed my own path if I had known a little more?’ After having my little boy I set up a successful Yogabellies business teaching Pregnancy yoga, Mum and baby yoga, and Women’s yoga. Over time my pregnancy classes were not just about how to stay flexible and relaxed in pregnancy but I started to teach more about preparation for birth. Through my constant research I came across Hypnobirthing and decided to study it to add that little extra magic to my classes (I’ve always been a fan of a big long relaxation after a yoga class). After training through KGH The Home of Hypnobirthing I was empowered through knowledge and set up my own classes at The Om Moms Club. And here I am today doing what I love and doing what I do best, yoga, and helping empower women, teaching them they have a voice and how they can make choices in their own journey in pregnancy, and not just in pregnancy but in life as well.

Even though I moved back to Dubai Yogabellies classes remained in Glasgow with the help of my expert team of qualified Yogabellies teachers and I am always on the look out the grow the team so if you think this may be a path you want to explore let me know! Yogabellies with Ellie is now in Glasgow Southside and Stewarton East Ayrshire with the Yogabellies with Ellie team. So I think it is now time to meet the team!